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Community Room


Our Community Room

Our Community Room is a versatile space available for rental by our valued community members. Whether you’re planning a fitness class, workshop, or gathering, our room is here to accommodate your needs. Equipped with tables and chairs, it’s a blank canvas for you to bring your vision to life.

To make a reservation, simply communicate your requirements to our Warroad Wellness Coordinator (WWC) or our front desk staff. Reservations are scheduled in convenient two-hour blocks, providing a suitable amount of time for your activities. We’ve streamlined the process by attaching the necessary forms for both Group Fitness Instructors and community members, ensuring a smooth experience.

For those fitness enthusiasts eager to lead a group fitness class, we’ve got you covered. Our Group Fitness room is available for passionate instructors. The process involves a straightforward form, with instructors contributing 10-15% of their profit per class, billed at the end of each month.

Community members, eager to utilize this room, have the responsibility to maintain its condition. A nominal fee of $50 per two-hour block ensures the sustainability of this community resource. The process includes signing a Waiver of Agreement with Lifecare Warroad Wellness, and if your event extends beyond regular hours, an activated key card grants access.

We believe in maintaining a clean and welcoming space, so we kindly request that you return the room to its original state after use, including mopping the floors, storing equipment, and ensuring a tidy environment for everyone.

We encourage proactive planning, so don’t hesitate to call ahead to confirm room availability. Let’s keep our Community Room buzzing with energy and shared experiences. Together, we’re creating a space that fosters well-being and community connection.

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