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“I have been at LifeCare for almost 2 years. I love that I get to make the residents happy by cleaning their rooms and visiting with them. The staff are kind and caring. Everyone is working together to keep the residents happy and healthy. I feel that LifeCare is very appreciative of their employees.


Greenbush Environmental Services Supervisor, 2 years of service


“LifeCare is a great place to work. The Leadership is great and the team works so well together! I take pride in my work and enjoy seeing others enjoy my baked goods."


Food Service Aide, 15 years of service


“I chose LifeCare as my employer because of the positive vibe it emits. During my interview with my Lab Manager and HR, I already felt part of the LifeCare team. LifeCare appreciates its employees, which is why I think it is a boost to an employee’s morale. Dedication and teamwork help employees provide swift, quality, and reliable service to our patients, which in my opinion is amazing! I would definitely recommend LifeCare to my colleagues and friends, whether it is for work or as a patient because of the services we provide and our wonderful team. Everyone is welcoming and always ready to provide assistance to our patients and colleagues.”


Med Tech, 1 year of service


“At LifeCare, there is a spirit of teamwork and appreciation from everybody and that makes even a tough day easy to bear. I moved halfway across the world to join LifeCare because I was made to feel I belong as early as the time of my job interview. I am motivated by being of good service to the community of kind and helpful people that welcomed me with open arms!”


Med Tech, 6 months of service


“Working at LifeCare is fun!  We have a team driven atmosphere and everyone is willing to jump in and help each other out.”


Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, 4 years of service


“Working at LifeCare as a Pharmacy Technician is very glad I get to work in healthcare!”


Pharmacy Technician, 2 years of service


“I have worked at LifeCare for 254 days and enjoy working here because of the fun atmosphere. Everyone is always willing to help each other!”


Physical Therapist, 8 months of service


“Soon to be 18 years at LifeCare and I still love what I do! Working in healthcare is very rewarding and would choose this career over and over again.”


Physical Therapy Assistant, 18 years of service


“I have really enjoy working at LifeCare since starting 8 months ago. The Rehab team is like a family which makes coming to work fun!”


Physical Therapist, 8 months of service


“LifeCare provides me the opportunity to help our patients on a daily basis in an upbeat and enjoyable setting with great co-workers!!”


Physical Therapist, 17 years of service


“Coming to work each day is easy when your employer gives quality care to such a wide variety of patients.”


Physical Therapist, 3 years of service


“I am a rehab attendant this summer and couldn’t be more grateful to have this position to grown my knowledge for my future career in physical therapy!”


Rehab Attendant, Summer Internship

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“I have been at LifeCare for 2 years. The employees are so friendly. When you meet them in the hallway they say Hi and have a good day even if you don’t know them and they are not in your department! I would definitely recommend LifeCare!”


Roseau Laundry and Greenbush Environmental Services, 2 years of service

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“As an employee at LifeCare Medical Center, I feel valued and appreciated. Leadership is very supportive and I have been provided options to grow. The days go by quickly because every day is a new experience and I love what I do, as well as the people I work with. I am proud to be an employee of LifeCare because I feel LifeCare is very respected in the community. I focus on having a positive attitude and always creating the Best Day Ever!”


HR Generalist, 20 years of service

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“I look forward to coming to work every day. My Director has confidence in me, challenges me, appreciates me, and encourages me to set and accomplish goals. I love the teamwork in our facility between different departments. I value and enjoy all my coworkers. I immediately felt welcomed when I came to LifeCare. The leadership team is supportive and approachable. The Providers at LifeCare are genuinely invested in our patients and the community. I have and will continue to recommend LifeCare to friends and family for employment as well as services.”


Pharmacy Tech, 2.5 years of service

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