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Health Care Directives


Health Care Directives

LifeCare Medical Center provides Health Care Directive information, documents, and assistance to patients, families, visitors, and to any community member that makes a request.

Thinking about what type of medical care you want or do not want is a very important part of your overall medical care. Most people have a general idea of what type of life-saving or life-prolonging treatment they want or do not want. Though many people have not taken the time to inform their families or other people responsible to make decisions for them, of their specific beliefs.

Giving a family member this information, that is consistent with the patient’s wishes and beliefs, can be a wonderful gift to a family. Being able to make a decision for someone knowing that it is what they would want can give a family comfort and a sense of peace. Just knowing that family has carried out the patient’s wishes, not their own, is often times consoling to those left behind.

Requests for information or assistance can be made through any of the social work department offices at LifeCare.
Contact (218) 463-2500 in Roseau or (218) 782-2131 in Greenbush.

Download a copy of the Health Care Directive form.

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