Air Transport

Valley Med Flight began providing air medical services in Roseau, MN, on October 21, 2015, as an ancillary service available to LifeCare Medical Center. The Valley Med helicopter is currently stationed at LifeCare helipad and available for scene flights and inter-facility transports throughout the NW region of MN. Fixed wing aircraft for Valley Med Flight is available and is stationed at the Grand Forks Airport.

The air service will also occupy a hangar at the Roseau Airport during seasons involving inclement weather conditions.

Valley Med flight serves as a Critical Care Air Ambulance provider to transport ill, or critically injured patients to a tertiary care facility where a patient may need a higher level of care or specific medical services that are not available locally. Air Ambulance (rotor or fixed-wing) may be utilized to reduce the out-of-hospital time when a patient is in need of an inter-facility transport, or scene flight to receive advanced level care in a shorter amount of time.

Valley Med Flight is part of the Air Medical Resource Group (AMRG) that currently employs more than 800 staff members and operates in 13 states and Puerto Rico. AMRG is built around safety, top-notch patient care, customer service and a strong operational logistical infrastructure.

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