LifeCare Medical Center’s Contact Information

Direct Dial Numbers To These Departments

LifeCare Medical Center

  • 800-356-7731

Behavioral Health

  • (218) 463-4732

Imaging Services

  • (218) 463-4753

Chemo Therapy

  • (218) 463-4794

Rehabilitation Services - Roseau

  • (218) 463-4787

Rehabilitation Services - Warroad

  • (218) 386-3155

Rehabilitation Services - Greenbush

  • (218) 782-4003

Greenbush Manor

  • (218) 782-2131

Roseau Manor

  • (218) 463-4305

Home Care

  • (218) 463-3211


  • (218) 463-3211

Public Health

  • (218) 463-3211

Department Directors

Director of Rehab Services

Director of Respiratory Services

Director of Social Services & Behavioral Health

Director of Nursing, Hospital

Director of Facilities Management

Director of Nursing, Roseau Manor

Director of Community Relations

Director of Quality and Performance Improvement

Director of Human Resources

Director of Hospitality Services

Director of Laboratory

Director of Home Care, Hospice and Public Health

Interim Director of Nursing, Greenbush Manor

Director Imaging Services

Director of Health Information Management

Director of Emergency Medical Services

Director of Information Systems

Directory of Pharmacy

Director of Business Office

Concerns by Mail or Phone:

Once you are at home, sometimes it is more convenient to either write a letter or contact a person by phone about an area of satisfaction or concern. The appropriate contact information is as follows.

Vice-President of Clinical Services

715 Delmore Drive, Roseau, MN 56751 (218) 463-4315


LifeCare Medical Center President / CEO

715 Delmore Drive, Roseau, MN 56751 (218) 463-4300

Joint Commission

LifeCare Hospital, LifeCare Hospital Laboratory, LifeCare Home Care and Hospice are accredited through the Joint Commission to ensure quality and safety in our programs and services. If you have a patient quality or safety concern related to one of these areas that cannot be resolved by LifeCare Medical Center, you may contact The Joint Commission for help in seeking resolution to your concern.

  • Office of Quality Monitoring
  • Joint Commission One Renaissance Blvd.
  • Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
  • (630) 792-5636

Minnesota Department of Health

Consumers of health care services have a responsibility to promote the highest quality of care. If you witness a suspected violation of health department regulations, patient and residents’ rights or the MN Vulnerable Adults Protection Act (physical or mental abuse, neglect, or unexplained injury) contact:

  • Office of Health Facility Complaints (OHFC)
  • PO Box 64970
  • St. Paul, MN 55164-0970
  • (800) 369-7994

Other Direct Contact Information

President/Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Vice President of Clinical Services

Vice President of Support Services

Director of Community Relations

Director of Health Information Management

Director- HomeCare, Hospice & Public Health

Director of Imaging Services

Director of Laboratory Services

Director of Human Resources

Director of Hospital Nursing

Director of Social Services, Discharge Planning, and Swing Bed Program Director of Behavioral Health

Director of Respiratory Care/Pulmonary Rehab/Sleep Studies

Director of Nursing, Greenbush Manor

Director of Business Office

Director of Facility Management

Director of Information Systems

Director of Hospitality

Director of EMS

Director of Pharmacy

Director of Quality & Risk Management