Life Care Medical Center’s
Board of Directors

LifeCare Medical Center’s board of directors is comprised of community members from throughout Roseau County who have a passion for healthcare now and in the future.

This progressive board is responsible for the strategic direction of LifeCare Medical Center. They approve major policies, transactions, programs and services. They monitor organizational performance against goals to ensure clinical quality, patient safety, customer service excellence and financial viability.

  • Cory Vatnsdal
    Cory Vatnsdal Chairman
  • Brenda Sather
    Brenda Sather Vice-Chair
  • Therese McBride
    Therese McBride Treasurer
  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson Secretary
  • Jessica Foss
    Jessica Foss Trustee
  • Ronald Brummer, MD
    Ronald Brummer, MD Trustee
  • Beth Johnson
    Beth Johnson Trustee
  • Mark Karl
    Mark Karl Trustee
  • Chuck Lindner
    Chuck Lindner Trustee
  • Matt Ulwelling
    Matt Ulwelling Trustee
  • Shayne Isane
    Shayne Isane Trustee
  • Dan Urness
    Dan Urness Trustee
  • Megan Comstock
    Megan Comstock Trustee
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