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TLC Cancer Care Program

Cancer Care

Caring for people experiencing cancer treatment

Learning that you have cancer can be frightening and overwhelming. During this stressful time, the health care professionals at LifeCare Medical Center serve as part of your support team by helping you through your cancer journey with compassion and care. In addition to our medical guidance, LifeCare now has another resource for those who have been diagnosed with cancer. The LifeCare TLC Program is a plan designed to provide free, non-medical education and training for women, men and even children to help them cope with appearance related changes that may result from cancer and cancer related treatment.

The LifeCare TLC Cancer Care Program is a resource designed to help patients cope with the appearance-related changes resulting from cancer treatment. If you know of someone who could benefit from this service, please share this brochure with them.

How the TLC Program Works

A LifeCare volunteer, who is a licensed cosmetologist, will supply each participant with items such as skin and hair care products, a wig, cosmetics and a LifeCare toiletry bag. And because everyone’s cancer experience is different, our specialized volunteer will provide one-on-one personal advice with emphasis on skin care, nail care, make-up and hair loss. The entire consultation session will occur in the privacy of a local salon.

Services may include

• Skin care instruction
• Make-up application lesson
• Education on hair loss
• Help in selecting and styling a wig
• Teaching nail care basics

The TLC program will help to prepare patients for some of the external changes that they may experience due to radiation, chemotherapy or other forms of cancer treatment. Funded by LifeCare Medical Center as a community benefit to our region, the TLC program is free to residents of the LifeCare service area.
There are no income guidelines required.

If you or a loved one could benefit from the LifeCare TLC Program, give our volunteer a call and they will guide you through the process.

Click here to download our TLC brochure

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