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PowerSports Program


PowerSports is a non-sport specific program aimed at increasing an athlete’s power, explosiveness, speed, endurance, agility and strength. This high intensity, progressive program combines weightlifting, plyometrics, and speed and agility exercises to challenge each athlete into unlocking their full athletic potential. With an established program that can be modified and tailored to each athlete’s specific needs, we are focused on helping develop a higher degree of fitness that encourages a more successful and, more importantly, injury free sports season. PowerSports welcomes athletes grades 7-12 as well as college aged athletes up to the age of 23.

PowerSport Details

We are hosting PowerSports at our LifeCare Wellness Centers in both Greenbush and Roseau. Each athlete will be able to register for 1 designated time/day. (Two athletes TOTAL will be allowed at the same time and location.) This will be 2 athletes and 1 trainer, allowing us even more ability to maximize training time however, we have some exciting new additions to this year’s program that we are excited to share with the community:

  • As stated above, we will no longer be limiting sign up to high school aged athletes exclusively- the program is now open to any athlete up to the age of 23.
  • Athletes now have the option to sign up for both sessions at the same time, we will NOT be holding spots in second session for new sign ups. If this is the case, **Session 2 will be a continuation of Session 1, with workouts progressing and increasing in difficulty as the athlete progresses**
  • In addition to this, we will be broadening our payment options to include a “pay-as-you-go” sign up. So, if you are interested in a session but know you will miss a week, we are open to you only paying for the time you will be in training, and will offer make up days if you so desire.

PowerSport Registration

Session 1: June 13 – July 7
Session 2: July 11 – August 11 (off week of the Fair, July 18-22)

$275, individual one session
$475, individual both sessions
$425, family plan one session

  • Each athlete will meet 4 weeks, 4x/week for 1 hour for each session. (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
  • Time slots for both locations open from 7-2:30
    • As with the “pay-as-you-go” option, our trainers are flexible and understand the summer months can get busy! Don’t hesitate to ask for more flexible times, we are here for you.
  • All participants will receive a PowerSports swag bag.
  • For registration:
  • Waiver – can pick up at either Roseau or Greenbush rehab or download online. Drop off at either location or the first day of your PowerSports session
  • Payment can be taken over phone or completed, in person, at either location.


Please complete and upload this liability form with registration.



Kathryn has lived in Roseau for just under 7 years, this will be her second year of coaching here at LifeCare Powersports. Originally following her passion for horses and ranching, she has a Bachelors in Animal Science from Colorado State University where she concentrated on exercise science and nutrition of livestock. And though she thinks there’s maybe not that much difference in the eating habits of an active teenager and the average bovine, it’s really been her own love of athletics that drove her to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine earlier this year. Born and raised in Colorado, she grew up running, hiking, and playing soccer and truly believes that being able to do the things you love is what keeps a person sane. It’s why she is a strong advocate for coaching athletes through good technique and sport-specific strength exercises to stay strong, healthy and injury free in order to keep them in the game, and doing the things they love. She especially loves coaching youth and stoking that competitive edge, but also believes training should be fun. More than anything, she loves pushing athletes to small victories every day. Whether it’s a PR at the squat rack or the fact that they simply did one unassisted pull-up for the first time in their life, the confidence that youth gain in the gym is her favorite take away from any sports camp.



Chelsey has been a Physical Therapist Assistant at LifeCare for 7 years and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Born and raised in the Strathcona area, Chelsey’s love of staying active inspired her to start the PowerSports Program 5 years ago and she has enjoyed working with athletes in the area each summer since. As a coach, Chelsey’s passion for exercise, fitness, and staying active has only increased, whether it be running, hiking, lifting in the gym or hunting. Chelsey is always working towards improving technique and staying up to date on the latest performance enhancing drills. Whether it’s through training athlete’s in PowerSports or coaching Junior High Volleyball in Greenbush, it is her passion to help each athlete achieve their goal and reach their full potential by teaching them proper form and technique in exercises that will increase their strength, speed and agility. She also believes that the lessons learned through athletic involvement is something that each athlete can carry with them well into adulthood and loves to watch hard work payoff in the confidence and work ethic each of her students earn every day in the gym.

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