LifeCare Health Care Fund

Established in 2004 to provide financial support for charitable and educational activities related to health care and senior living, LifeCare Health Care Fund is a permanent financial resource which provides grants to help healthcare projects become a reality for the people of our community. Since that time, thousands of dollars have been raised through donations, memorials and our “Partners for Health” event to fund various community and hospital projects. To date, over $700,000 has been given to Roseau County nonprofit organizations and LifeCare Medical Center to support health related projects in the form of grants from the LifeCare Health Care Fund.

Advisory Committee

LifeCare Health Care Fund is led by a local Advisory Committee. Advisory Committee members are selected for their knowledge and commitment to the community, diverse backgrounds and affiliations, and willingness to work hard to build the Health Care Fund

Advisory Members

  • Jane Evans
  • Anna Stewart
  • Corey Christianson
  • Nick Kvidt
  • Mark Bertilrud
  • Mary Vatnsdal
  • Ann Backes

The LifeCare Health Care Fund is a component of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation, serving twelve northwest Minnesota counties, by investing resources, creating opportunities and promoting philanthropy to make the region a better place to live and work.

For more information regarding the LifeCare Health Care Fund, please contact Erik Holmstrom, Development Coordinator at 463-4742314 or email

Why the fund exists

The LifeCare Health Care Fund works to fulfill its mission “To build, strengthen and sustain healthy communities in our service area”.  It exists for the following reasons:

  • To promote developments and advancements in health care services
  • To support programs which improve access to health care services
  • To provide opportunities to financially support health care programs and services
  • To support the priority areas of hospice, nursing homes, home health, hospital, emergency medical services and medical equipment

LifeCare Health Care Funds

The LifeCare Health Care Fund is a component fund of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation and was originally founded out of the generosity of a member of our community, Maggi Adams.  Over time, it has expanded to include eight funds that each support a specific purpose and are used for projects and programs within LifeCare Medical Center and our service area.  The funds include:

  • General Health Fund: Provides financial support for health related projects and services in Roseau County
  • Maggi Adams Medical Equipment Fund: Provides financial support for updating and replacing medical equipment at LifeCare Medical Center
  • Hospice Fund: Provides financial support for LifeCare Medical Center hospice projects, patients and their families
  • Eagles Auxiliary Diabetes and Dialysis Fund: Provides financial support for equipment, training and patient support for diabetic and dialysis needs
  • Think Pink Fund: Provides financial support for Roseau County breast cancer patients and to promote education of good breast health
  • Greenbush Manor Fund: Provides financial support for projects, equipment and services that benefit Greenbush Manor and its residents
  • Roseau Manor Fund: Provides financial support for projects, equipment and services that benefit Roseau Manor and its residents
  • Angel Baby Fund: Supports a program that will provide financial assistance to individuals and families that have experienced the loss of a pregnancy or child
  • Roseau County Cancer Fund: Provides funding for projects, programs, equipment, and services necessary to meet the needs of the community as they relate to cancer care and support of individuals being treated for cancer at Lifecare Medical Center or that reside in Lifecare’s service area.

Donations to Grants

How your donations fund local health care projects:

  1. Money is raised through:
    • Fundraisers, such as Partners for Health and May Walk/Run
    • Memorials
    • Employee Giving
    • Donations (One-time, Monthly, Round-Up)
  2. Dollars are delivered to Northwest Minnesota Foundation and are placed into one of our eight funds, based on the donor’s request.
  3. Money is distributed annually from the LifeCare Health Care Fund through a competitive grant process to area nonprofit organizations and various departments at LifeCare Medical Center.

Ways to Give

If continuing to provide good health care services for our future generations is important to you, please consider one of the many ways you can give to the LifeCare Health Care Fund.

Memorial/Honor Program

The Memorial/Honor Program, established in 2006, is a great way to remember or honor a loved one.  Tax-deductible gifts given in memory or in honor of someone special can be directed to any of our eight funds.  Also, keep this giving option in mind for tribute gifts, anniversary, wedding, birthday, graduation and other special occasions.

Once a gift has been made, a specially designed memorial/honor card will be sent to the named recipient, at the donor’s request, notifying them a gift has been received, while keeping the amount confidential.  Sympathy cards and memorial/honor envelopes are available, free of charge, at LifeCare Medical Center, Greenbush Manor, Roseau Manor, area funeral homes and by calling Erik Holmstrom at 218.463.4742.  Memorials may also be received through LifeCare Medical Center’s website.

Individual Gifts

Gifts made by cash, check or credit card are convenient and tax deductible.  They may be received in two ways:

  • Credit Cards: On LifeCare Medical Center’s website (here)
  • Cash or Check: Mail to:

LifeCare Health Care Fund
715 Delmore Drive
Roseau, MN 56751

Monthly or Round-Up Gifts

Visit LifeCare Medical Center’s website to set up a monthly recurring gift or try out our new Round-Up Giving Program.  Round ups allow your spare change to add up to BIG change for health related projects and programs in Roseau County.  Simply visit LifeCare Medical Center’s website or text LIFECARE to 26989, select round ups, add your credit card, and shop as usual.  Every purchase you make will round up to the nearest dollar, donating your spare change to whichever of our eight funds you choose.  You can create a giving profile on LifeCare’s website to view/edit your monthly or round up gifts at any time.

Gifts of Property 

Assets such as stocks, bonds or other properties that gained value during the time you owned them offer extra tax savings for you while ensuring a well-positioned future for health care in Roseau County.  To learn more, contact your financial advisor or visit Northwest Minnesota Foundation’s website.

Planned Gifts

Gifts through your will, various types of trusts, annuities, life insurance and other planning vehicles may be just the right opportunity for you to meet your financial and gift-giving goals.  To learn more, contact your financial advisor or visit Northwest Minnesota Foundation’s website.

A Successful Future

The success of the LifeCare Health Care Fund rests entirely on the residents, friends and visitors of Roseau County and the surrounding area.  Your investment provides the ability to support local health care programs, projects and activities.

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