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Your emergency care begins here. Calling 911 is not simply about getting a fast ride to the hospital. LifeCare Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is the hospital emergency department brought to your doorstep, or wherever you may need emergency assistance.

The LifeCare EMS team consists of advanced life support paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and emergency medical responders (EMRs). They are dedicated community members trained to provide the highest quality, evidence-based medicine available to patients with acute illness or injury.

LifeCare EMS currently has a base of operations in Roseau and a substation in Greenbush. LifeCare has the largest geographical Primary Service Area (PSA) for ambulance services in the State of Minnesota covering over 1,900 square miles. Serving a population base of 8,000 residents and visitors, LifeCare provides services to visitors and residents in western and central Roseau County, northern Beltrami and Marshall Counties, and the Northwest Angle.

Operating 24-hour service, LifeCare EMS provides high quality, pre-hospital care both to our patients on emergency calls and during inter-facility transport between LifeCare Medical Center and area, higher-level specialty care centers that provide services not available locally. You will also find LifeCare EMS staff providing on-scene medical coverage for local community events and area school athletics.

Somewhat unique to LifeCare, in order to provide the most expedient care possible for its patients in the Northwest Angle, LifeCare EMS also maintains a close working relationship with both the US Customs & Border Protection and the Canada Border Services Agency to facilitate efficient travel between the two countries during an emergency. This includes a procedure for after-hours border crossing so EMS crews do not need to travel out of their way to a 24-hour port of entry.

In addition to providing quality medical care, LifeCare EMS also operates a state-approved EMR and EMT training program to provide initial education for new, prospective EMRs and EMTs as well as continuing education for all levels of EMS personnel.

Our EMS team is committed to providing excellent care to patients in an emergency situation or when a friend or family member needs caring, compassionate, non-emergency medical care and transportation.

If you are interested in becoming a Paramedic or EMT with LifeCare EMS, please contact James Dinsch, EMS Director at 218-463-4302 for information.



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