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Hospital Services

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Behavioral Health

The LifeCare Behavioral Health Department provides therapeutic and assessment services as well as medication management for mental health symptoms on an out-patient basis. Our team of providers assist individuals in developing a treatment plan that is right for them, beginning with a diagnostic assessment.

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Telemedicine uses technology to present live, interactive video and audio between patient and specialist separated by distance. The medical consult is conducted from LifeCare, providing local access to specialty care from many miles away.

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LifeCare’s Surgery Department, which contains two operating rooms,  performs approximately 400 surgery cases per year. Scheduled surgery is Monday through Friday. LifeCare  physicians  perform surgical procedures as credentialed.

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Social Services

LifeCare Social Service Department provides services in acute care, long term care, home health care and hospice for all ages from infancy through geriatric. The Social Service Department also is responsible for the discharge planning process and coordinates the Swing-bed program.
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Sleep Center

LifeCare Medical Center Sleep Center offers a comfortable and private sleep study experience. We follow the American Academy of Sleep Medicine standards and guidelines, for the highest quality, and most up to date standards in the industry. Our studies provide some of the best testing procedures possible.

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Respiratory Care Services

Respiratory Care works closely with physicians and nurses in the treatment, management, control, and care of patients with deficiencies and abnormalities associated with breathing. Our respiratory care practitioners are certified in both Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Neonatal Advanced Life Support (NALS). 

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Outpatient Procedures

LifeCare Outpatient Procedures include services that don’t general include an overnight stay. The procedure would most likely occur in either one of our operating rooms or a specially equipped procedure room. In addition to outpatient surgical cases, other outpatient procedures include, Endoscopy, Infusion Therapy and other diagnostic procedures such as thoracentesis, lung and other biopsies are also performed.

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LifeCare Medical Center laboratories, provide lab services to LifeCare Medical Center hospital outpatients, inpatients, the ER department, Altru clinics in Roseau, Warroad, and Greenbush, and the residents of Roseau Manor, Greenbush Manor, and the Warroad Senior Living Center.

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Infusion Therapy

The LifeCare Infusion Therapy Department was developed to serve the needs of our patients by allowing them to remain in the community for many treatment therapies recommended for oncology, hematology, IV antibiotic therapy, and other medical conditions requiring infusion services.

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Imaging Services

Imaging services are available to provide a variety of images of the human body for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. For questions regarding Imaging/Radiology services contact 218-463-4753.

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Endoscopy is primarily a diagnostic procedure which uses a flexible scope for visualization of the colon or upper gastrointestinal tract. These practices which include gastroscopy, and colonoscopy are performed either on an inpatient or outpatient basis in a special procedure room.

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Convenience Care

We all have busy schedules. Likewise, clinic hours don’t always match the timing of minor illnesses or injuries. At LifeCare Medical Center we understand this. That’s why we’re pleased to offer Convenience Care — urgent after-hours medical attention to you and your family for non-life threatening medical conditions. Convenience Care is provided by the LifeCare Emergency Department. All physicians, mid-level practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, lab and x-ray professionals work in cooperation to make sure that you receive the appropriate care.

cardiac care

Cardiac Care

Local Cardiac Rehab is convenient for those patients who have suffered from a heart attack, stent placement, cardiac bypass surgery or other heart conditions, so they can receive rehabilitation services close to home.

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Cancer Center

When cancer enters your life, you can depend on the LifeCare Medical Center staff to be there for you. Our team works collaboratively with your oncologist to deliver as many services as possible to you right here close to home.

Many of your diagnostic services such as Lab tests, CT scans and MRI, can be done at LifeCare with our impressive state of the art equipment.

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