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The work of LifeCare Public Health revolves around the National Public Health Theme, “Prevent, Promote, Protect.” LifeCare Public Health promotes and protects the health of our community through education, prevention and advocacy. We collaborate with many organizations throughout Roseau county to accomplish our goals. Below is a list of the 6 main topics your public health department will focus on.

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Essential Local Public Health Activities in Minnesota

Public Health assures that there is an adequate local Public Health Infrastructure. They participate in a community health assessment and activity planning every 5 years.

Current staff:

LifeCare Public Health has many programs which promote healthy communities and healthy behaviors. These programs are supported through LifeCare Medical Center in addition to federal, state, and county funds.

Communities Caring for Children:

  • This outreach and health promotion program is for pregnant women and parents of infants and young children.
  • Pregnant women will receive a newsletter for each trimester of their pregnancy in the prenatal pack they receive at the clinic. You can also view them here on our website!
  • After your baby is born, families can view age appropriate newsletters with information on well child checks, immunization reminders, feeding and safety tips, growth and development, and common illnesses your baby may encounter.

Prenatal Education Programs:

  • One to one prenatal education is available for high risk pregnancies. For more information, call 463-3211.
  • Group prenatal education classes are available to the community at large through LifeCare Medical Center.

Postpartum Contacts and Home Visits:

  • A Public Health Nurse will contact all new mom’s who live in Roseau County to assist with questions or concerns they may have as a new parent.
  • A free follow up home visit is offered where a nurse comes to your home to assess the new mom and baby.

Lactation Educators:

  • Lactation educators from LifeCare Medical Center are available for any breastfeeding questions and for breastfeeding support.
  • Available to all breastfeeding moms in Roseau County.
  • To contact the lactation educators, please call 218-463-2500 ext. 4165.

Child and Teen Check Up:

  • The check-up is a physical exam performed by a public health nurse to assess growth and development, vision & hearing, nutrition, and immunizations.
  • Available to clients who have Medical Assistance or Minnesota Care insurance.

Follow Along Program:

    • Is your child developing on track? Babies and young children grow and learn at their own rate. However, some children may need help to grow up healthy and learn skills such as sitting, walking, or talking. Minnesota´s Follow Along Program can help you track your child’s development and let you know if your child is playing, talking, growing, moving, and behaving like other children the same age.

WIC (Women, Infant, Children):

  • WIC is a nutrition and education program through the USDA Federal Government for Women (pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum) and infants and children up to the age of 5. For more information click link below:
  • For more information call, 218-874-7845

Family Home Visiting:

Health Fairs:

  • Health topics and wellness activities can be provided to various groups throughout the county.

Blood Pressure / Blood Sugar Screening:

Foot Care Clinics:

SHIP (Statewide Health Improvement Program):

  • SHIP is a grant program focused on making positive health changes in the community by targeting tobacco use and exposure, nutrition, physical activity, and breastfeeding support. Local SHIP involvement includes schools, worksites, healthcare and communities. For more information contact 218-463-3211 ext. 4176.
  • View more information about the Statewide Health Improvement Program: 

Car Seat Safety:

School Health:

  • LifeCare Public Health provide Preschool, Head Start and Early Head Start health screenings, including vision, hearing and scoliosis screening.

Matter of Balance:

  • This is a physical activity program designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels of older adults who have concerns about falls.

LifeCare Public Health is very involved with Federal and State programs that promote prevent and the spread of infectious disease.

Immunizations and Flu:

MIIC (Minnesota Immunization Information Connection)

TB Follow Up:

Disease Investigation Outbreaks:

  • We are involved with ongoing education, outreach and surveillance of communicable diseases under the direction of the Minnesota Department of health. Information on lice, anthrax, and other diseases and conditions can be found at the following MDH link:

Public Health is a resource and provides education on how to protect against environmental hazards.

For information on water quality, carbon monoxide, mold, radon, lead, meth and other hazards please visit the following link:

Drug Disposal Guidelines

We assist with preparation for and response to disasters and assist communities in recovery.

Collaborative effort with community agencies to address potential county-wide natural or manmade disasters and disease outbreaks.

Health Alert Network

LifeCare Public Health is a member of the Health Alert Network (HAN) which provides a method of fast, efficient and reliable communication between the CDC, MDH and local public health.

View our Health Tracks Newsletter to learn more about the different stages of growth from Prenatal to 5 years old!


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