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First doses of COVID-19 vaccine administered in Roseau County

First doses of COVID-19 vaccine administered in Roseau County

LifeCare Medical Center, Chief of Medical staff, Shivali Devgon, M.D. was one of the first to receive the Pfizer/COVID-19 vaccinations at LifeCare today.

“This vaccination brings much needed hope to end this pandemic and darkness in our lives. I encourage everyone to get this vaccine and do their part. We all have a responsibility, let’s do it,” said Devgon.

LifeCare Public Health staff, escorted by the Roseau County Sheriff’s Department, traveled to Bemidji to pick up the vaccine earlier Monday morning.

“After months of exhaustion, we’re happy and relieved our front line staff are being offered this vaccine along with other Minnesota health care facilities. We’re hopeful that other community residents will choose to receive the vaccination as the next phases open in Minnesota,” stated Keith Okeson, President and CEO of LifeCare Medical Center.

Julie Pahlen, Director of LifeCare Public Health mentioned how important it is to continue to protect those that are the most vulnerable. “We must keep in mind that we still need to mask up, social distance and avoid gathering to minimize the spread of this virus in Roseau County. Since initial supplies of the vaccine are limited, it is critical to remain cautious,” said Julie Pahlen, Director of LifeCare Public Health.

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