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Wellness Speaker

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Wellness Speaker | Tami Evans

Join us for an exciting evening at our annual wellness speaker event in Roseau on Thursday, September 14th! Bring a friend along and be part of something special.

Tami Evans, our featured speaker, brings an irresistible energy that’s sure to uplift and entertain. With her unique blend of relatable humor and insightful wisdom, Tami will have you laughing, learning, and truly engaged. As she likes to say, “When they’re laughing, they’re listening; when they’re listening, they’re learning.” Through her captivating and entertaining talks, you’ll gain valuable tools to enhance your communication skills, boost self-confidence, and unlock the secrets to fostering a positive and thriving way of life.


Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, grow, and transform with Tami Evans on Thursday, September 14th! Bring a friend and join us at either 5 PM or 7 PM for an evening that promises laughter, insight, and a renewed sense of wellness!

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