If you enjoy helping others and have time to share, we invite you to join hundreds of other community members by making a difference as a LifeCare Medical Center volunteer. Our volunteers play an important role in LifeCare’s mission to provide care for a healthy life.

LifeCare offers volunteers the opportunity to assist others through compassion and understanding, acquire new skills and knowledge, develop new interests and  to expand their social and personal support network.

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are an important addition to the LifeCare Medical Center team. Each year, volunteers provide thousands of hours of service through a variety of meaningful volunteer opportunities. LifeCare is able to enhance the quality of care offered to patients, residents and families. Our team of volunteers consists of men and women, busy teens and elementary students with a variety of backgrounds and interests. They generously give to help support health care in our community.

Right for the Job

Are you a person who has a helpful, caring attitude and respect for confidentiality? If so, a volunteer position at LifeCare may be right for you. All LifeCare volunteers receive an orientation which provides additional information on what volunteering entails.

Becoming a Volunteer

The first step is up to you! Please contact the Volunteer Service department at (218) 463-2500 to find out how you can become a volunteer at LifeCare Medical Center. You can also email us a volunteer@lifecaremc.com or stop by for a visit. Bring a copy of the volunteer application with you.

Download the volunteer application form

Becoming a Junior Volunteer

Our Junior Volunteer (JV) program is open to students 6th – 12th grade. JVs meet regularly; Mondays from 3:30-4:30 p.m. throughout our Fall and Spring sessions. Many students use this opportunity by donating their time to learn new life skills, engage with others including on-site Manor residents, work community events, and fulfill NHS hour requirements. If interested, simply fill out the application below and email volunteer@lifecaremc.com or deliver in person.

Junior Volunteer Application

Volunteer Services

We welcome you to join our team. Some of our volunteer opportunities include:

  • Gift Shop / Coffee Shop
  • Hospice
  • Breast Screening Clinic Assistant
  • Caring Cart
  • Office
  • Student Projects
  • Junior Volunteer
  • Mail Delivery
  • Health Fairs
  • Grandparent Program
  • Nursing Home Entertainment
  • One to Ones
  • Roseau Health Care Auxiliary
  • Greenbush Area Volunteer Health Network

We look forward to sharing your time and talents!

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