Contact Heidi Lien at for the dates of the next nursing assistant training class.

Caring is more than a job – it is a way of Life!

As a caregiver our nursing assistants make an incredible impact on the lives of others. As a LifeCare employee you have the opportunity to experience a rewarding career!

For information on how you could become a nursing assistant and/or begin a career of compassion and skilled patient care at LifeCare Medical Center, please complete the nursing assistant questionnaire below.

  • The class cost is $425.00. The class is free for those students who apply to work at LifeCare Medical Center. Students will be responsible for the competency exam fee of $160.00 due at the time of your exam.

    If you are accepted into the NAR Class, a Criminal Background Study (as required by the Department of Human Services), a tuberculin skin test and a reading screening will need to be completed. The reading screening can be done privately if desired, please contact Heidi Lien or talk to the instructor the first night of class. Please contact Heidi Lien if you have any questions or concerns. Heidi Lien, RN, Nurse Educator. Phone: (218) 463-4728. Email:
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