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LifeCare Receives its First Breast Milk Donation!

LifeCare Receives its First Breast Milk Donation!

In August of 2019, LifeCare Medical Center announced that they were the first breast milk depot to open in northern Minnesota. LifeCare lactation consultants were overwhelmed with the news that Carrie Dokken, who lives with her family near Piney, Manitoba, wanted to make a donation.

Alicia Huston, RN, Lactation Consultant says, “The Milk Depot is a place where women can bring extra breast milk to donate for the use by other babies, in most cases very sick babies.”

Carrie was thrilled to learn about the new service, which she first saw on LifeCare’s Facebook page. “I had an abundance of breast milk in my freezer, and my 14 month old son, Anders drinks very little anymore”, says Carrie. “I am so glad that another baby will be able to use it”.

Carrie had about 1,200 ounces of breast milk in her freezer. Her first donation was nearly half of the stash and she says that she will probably be making additional donations. Carrie laughed, when she said, “My husband, Kevin, is a hunter and was happy that I was finally making room for other things in our freezer.”

Kevin and Carrie’s first child, Scarlett was born early so they know how important breast milk is for premature babies. Carrie says, “Scarlett was not able to be born at LifeCare, but Anders was LifeCare’s New Years Baby last year.”

Carrie went through a careful screening process, which included an application and blood test. Her breast milk will be transported to the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies in Golden Valley, MN. Here is where the milk will be safely tested, pasteurized, frozen and then stored until it is shipped to health care facilities. Breast milk received from locations like LifeCare’s Milk Depot, will be distributed throughout Minnesota to Neonatal Intensive Care Hospital Units.

Alicia says, “We are so excited to get our first breast milk donation. I cannot stress enough how grateful we are that Carrie chose to donate to babies in need of this gift.”

If you are interested in more information on how to donate to the LifeCare Milk Bank, please contact a Lactation Educator – 463.4165!