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Keeping Kids Entertained & Active at Home

Keeping Kids Entertained & Active at Home

As your “health family,” we want you to know we are here for you!

We recognize the stress and anxiety that this outbreak of COVID-19 is creating for many. We know many of you are now working from home, may have kids home from school, and are adjusting to a new “normal” at home.

Social distancing can complicate some of the things we normally do to stay healthy. Here are a few no cost/low cost resources to help you and your family stay healthy during this time. Please be aware that some of the apps are free for only a certain number of months and then you may be charged after the free trial if you do not cancel.

Stay safe and healthy!

Contributor: Paula Hedlund, RN, LifeCare Wellness Coordinator

Physical Activity/Exercise:

Mental Health:

Kids/Learning at Home: